School administrators normally contact us when they know they have a need. Ideally, they can provide specifics on the:

  • Number of students on the caseload
  • Type of population served-speech only or SDC
  • Details about the school site-location, size
  • Duration of the contract-short term coverage or full academic year
  • Specific days the contract must be served

You are welcome to call us before you know the answers above. We are accustomed to searching for available clinicians before all the details are in, and will work with you during this transition time. We encourage you to call as soon as you suspect that you will have a need for an SLP.

PCSS provides a confirmation of contract letter prior to beginning services. This confirmation outlines our understanding of the position in terms of caseloads and school site placements. It also includes an estimated budgetary figure for the year or the length of the contract.

PCSS charges on an hourly basis for services. Our hourly clinician rate is all-inclusive, covering compensation for the therapist, administrative support, supervision of CFs and SLPAs, and contract management. Fees vary based on factors such as the experience and special skills of the therapist, and the special needs of your placement. School holidays and non-student days are excluded from billing, unless our attendance is requested.

We offer flexibility with billing and invoicing, and are willing to accommodate your district’s accounting requirements. Complete documentation is provided for services rendered. Our finance and billing department is easy to work with and our Director of Finance is available to answer your questions at any time.

If you don’t need our services right away, that’s all right. We know how quickly things can change and stand ready to serve you. If you are ready, contact our Director of Staffing, or complete a school job posting and we’ll get back to you quickly!


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