Your clinician is the consummate SLP professional. She has quickly and efficiently implemented services. She has been a quick study in OCDE procedures. She has teamed well with our SLPA. Students respond well to her engaging therapy sessions. We have had several time consuming and intense IEP or paperwork situations that your clinician has calmly handled with parents, other SLPs and teachers. Teachers have expressed appreciation for her work and are very pleased to have her collaboration and advice. She is a good match for our students and families.
-Nancy Melgares, Principal, Orange County Department of Education

On behalf of the Cypress School District students, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to your therapist for the outstanding speech services provided. It is with great admiration and respect that I acknowledge your dedicated willingness.
-Troy Hunt, Administrative Director of Student Services, Cypress School District (Orange County)

Your therapist has gone above and beyond her duties at our school. She has implemented a communication program in the SH classes that include great activities. She has also coordinated with a speech pathologist at another site that specializes in working with autistic students in order to make our program better for our students with autism. She works well with all of the staff.
-Sherri Pedersen, Program Specialist, Escondido Unified School District (San Diego County)

I am impressed with your clinician's knowledge, skill, and articulation. She is definitely a team player. Thanks for all of your assistance and coordination of schedules!! You’re amazing! Every therapist from your agency was outstanding. You are a miracle worker, as you have proven in the past! Thanks as always.
-Annette Cleveland, Special Education Coordinator, Magnolia School District (Orange County)

We have a strong positive relationship with PCSS. The communication is excellent and the service is outstanding.
–Coordinator of Special Education, San Bernardino County

I appreciate your team’s work with our students and your wonderful professionalism. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with you.
-Principal, San Bernardino County

The quality of speech and language therapy and evaluation services by your clinician is excellent. She makes therapy fun and engaging for her students. They often express delight in having the opportunity to come to her classroom. Parents, teachers, and students appear very pleased with the results of services provided.
–Assistant Principal, San Bernardino County

Thank you all for your work and support over this last month. We greatly appreciated your time and effort with our children. We will be in touch as we look to a new baby in the SLP field in February.
-Administrative Director of Student Services, Orange County

Your clinician has great knowledge of the field. She takes initiative to learn the processes of the school district. She always brings something positive to IEP meetings.
–Assistant Principal, San Bernardino County

She demonstrates highly effective organizational skills and facilitates IEP meetings in a professional and sequential way. Confidential files are maintained and kept up to date.
–Special Education Director, Orange County

Thank you so much for your efforts with our son this year. We can understand him now. We are grateful you understood what he was trying to say from the get-go.
-Parent, San Bernardino County

I have worked with several speech therapists and am pleased to say this is the best experience I have had. Your therapist has adapted very well with our preschool environment and provides appropriate materials for this age group. We work as a team and work together to discuss goals and objectives. Parents are very happy with services and the extra mile the speech therapist takes.
-Early Childhood Specialist, Orange County


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