1. How does PCSS provide contractors?

    Pacific Coast Speech will contract with a therapist to provide services for your district for a specific contracted time, either for short-term coverage or for a full academic year. All payroll and human resources needs are handled by PCSS.

  2. Do you do background checks on your contractors?

    Yes, as part of our NPA certification process, we verify licenses and credentials, and perform background checks and fingerprinting.
  3. What about insurance costs? What if there is an insurance claim?

    PCSS carries liability insurance, malpractice insurance and workers compensation insurance. Some therapists carry additional malpractice insurance.
  4. When your clinicians have questions; whom do they contact?

    When our clinicians have questions about their caseload, we normally suggest that they contact us first, thereby saving district staff time and effort. If we can't answer their question, or it relates to district policies or legal questions, PCSS seeks answers from district administration.
  5. We have a number of advocates in our district, and are very concerned about compliance to our standards. How do I know your clinicians will meet our compliance standards?

    You can rely on our documented history of satisfied customers, and our well prepared and experienced clinicians. Every district or school has slightly different policies and requirements. Typically, a seasoned district clinician or coordinator has a brief meeting with our SLP member in the first few days that we are in a setting. We ask for any available policies and procedures manuals, and briefly discuss any IEPs that need clarification. We are also careful to check with the site IEP team members regarding current student needs. We listen carefully to IEP team members throughout the contract for any procedures specific to your site. Of course, the final authority on compliance is always the administrator at each specific IEP setting.
  6. Do you have a private clinic setting?

    Most of our contracts are completed in school settings, although we do contract for in-home services through Individual Service Agreements. Our service includes finding the best therapist for your setting, and then providing clinical support for that clinician. We do not have a free standing clinic.
  7. Are you a Nonpublic Agency? What is a certified NPA?

    Yes. Pacific Coast Speech Services, Inc. has been a certified nonpublic agency since 1995. A Nonpublic Agency (NPA) is a designation made by the special education division of the California Department of Education. Our certification allows your district to start services immediately. You are assured that we have taken care of details like fingerprinting and references. By approving our agency, the state certifies we are meeting high standards, including budgetary stability and knowledge of standards for reporting child abuse.
  8. What if we are outside of your service area?

    Pacific Coast Speech Services serves Orange County and portions of Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Northern San Diego Counties. View Map.

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