Our best asset is our staff. We choose our clinicians for their high levels of passion, integrity, and enthusiasm. We work hard to choose assignments with manageable caseloads, and provide as much clinical support as possible to reduce stress.

Our directors keep our practice small, and do not operate a free standing clinic or work in settings other than schools. This provides focused personal attention for our clinicians. Our contractors become family, and stay with us for years. PCSS’s goal is long standing relationships, not short-term placements.

Contracts are chosen based on desired schedules, geographic location, and the type of students that interest a clinician most. Contracts are usually for a traditional academic year; however, new positions are available year-round. Contracted hours can vary from a few per month to traditional assignments with a fixed number of days and hours per week.

Our contractors consistently receive 9+ overall ratings on a 10-point scale from their school supervisors. Speech pathologists have plenty of choices for positions. When asked, our clinicians say they chose us because of the:

  • Amount and quality of clinical support
  • Kindness and integrity of PCSS mentors and administrative team
  • Quality of other clinicians contracting within the practice
  • The respect shown to them as professionals.

When making placements, our administrators talk to district and nonpublic school liaisons to determine the specifics of a caseload. After 25 years serving this particular educational community, you can count on our professionalism, grasp of legal and ethical intricacies, and knowledge of local schools. When we fully understand the caseload assignment, we offer a contract to a matching clinician.

Once a clinician is placed, we look for opportunities to help them be successful and stress-free, or at least stress-reduced. PCSS is vigilant in ensuring that each clinician is fully supported after placement through inter-practice in-services, continuing education opportunities, our online materials library, and access to other PCSS clinicians and consultants. PCSS ensures caseloads are kept reasonable, with assistance available when clinicians have an extra busy month.

Please see our Clinical Fellows page for information regarding our excellent supervision. We have a 100% retention rate after supervision is completed as we help qualified clinical fellows become superior clinicians. We encourage you to review the Clinical Fellows page if you are interested in completing your RPE/CF through our company or if you wish to supervise.

Contracting with PCSS provides clinicians with a choice of settings and hours. PCSS clinicians have professional and personal flexibility. Our contractors typically seek positions where they have maximum autonomy with minimum bureaucracy, and many have other professional or personal obligations. Our company is an especially good fit for parents with school-aged children; clinicians building private practices or reducing their private practice hours; and those who have retired from full time positions, but want to keep up their skills and contribute to our community. Clinicians can contract for a few hours a month or up to 40 hours per week. No guilt, no hassles.

Every year is different, but here are some quick statistics about the last few years:

  • Clinicians provided district assessments for students placed at nonpublic schools
  • PCSS served districts within Orange, Northern San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties, with contracts also offered in Los Angeles County
  • This year more than 50% of our clinicians returned to the same site for a second year, often because of specific principal or parent requests, as well as clinician request
  • Nearly all of our clinicians served at only one school site
  • Clinicians retired from district positions supported us for maternity leaves or smaller contracts
  • Clinicians provided support within nonpublic schools addressing severe autism and emotional challenges
  • Clinical Fellows were routinely supervised for substantially more than the 8 hours per month minimum standard in the first third of their fellowship
  • 100% of our Clinical Fellows have continued contracting with PCSS after supervision was complete, often for years
  • 20% of our current clinicians maintained small private practices in addition to working with PCSS



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