You are welcome to call us to get more information at any time, even if you are just exploring options. If you would like to apply, you can do this online or contact our Director of Staffing, Louise Valente. She will follow-up and schedule a time to talk more about our practice, your geographic and school population preferences, and your scheduling needs. You can submit your resume and any recommendations after that call, or simply send them after you've submitted your inquiry.

Then, Louise will review our current openings with your qualifications and desired placement. Assignments are chosen from a large pool of districts and nonpublic schools in the area. Louise will call you to discuss potential positions and schedule an in-person interview with both her and the Director of Finance. When we find a contract that looks like a good fit, clinicians often have more questions, which we answer during the interview process.

Much as we would like to offer a contract to every clinician who meets our strict criterion, current job markets may preclude our making this promise. However, because our Director of Staffing knows the market well, she is reliable in her estimate of the likelihood of finding you a position in your geographic range. Please keep her posted if you are offered other positions, as she may be able to provide competing offers prior to your decision.

Placements are extremely time-sensitive, so check your email and messages frequently to ensure you do not miss an opportunity. Oftentimes, it is a matter of days between our receiving an offer and filling a position. We will not ask you to sign a contract until we have a placement.  It is possible that you will be asked to do a phone or in-person interview with a contracting site prior to their approval.

If you decline a position or are not ready to make a decision, we discuss your reasoning and use that information to make a better match for you the next time we propose an option. Our philosophy is to keep clinicians a long time, not pressure people into a short term fit. We would love to talk with you at any time, even if you are only exploring your options. SLPs often contact us as early as January to plan out the following school year, especially if they are anticipating a life change such as a pregnancy leave or retirement. Most new clinicians and CF/RPE candidates contact us by spring or early summer for the following September. We can talk through your options, send you information on contracting, and assist you in financial planning.

Most positions are offered by districts and schools in the late spring or early summer. However, excellent positions come up year round as needs change at the sites. If you are considering your options at any time, contact us. We may have position offers open for you, or we can do research to find a position that meets your interest and needs.

Your application and inquiry are completely confidential. We never share your resume or contact your recommendations or current employer until we have your permission. If you are contacting other agencies or schools, we suggest that you ask for your information to be kept confidential, as not all entities operate in this manner. If you are not ready to make a change, that's all right, we understand that everyone's life circumstances change over time, and encourage you to check back with us when you are ready!

If you are providing or are interested in providing school based SLP services, we invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter. This quarterly newsletter provides useful information for busy clinicians in the form of featured articles, tips, and links. No theory, just fast application. It's free, and has great kid jokes to use in your therapy! Our resources page also contains information on a variety of topics that may be helpful to you in your setting.

We also offer referral bonuses! If you know of a clinician who is seeking a high quality contracting agency, send them to us. If they mention your name, you get a referral bonus!

Do you want more information?   Apply today by sending us an inquiry or contacting us directly. Are you still thinking? Explore more by viewing More Answers.


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