1. What kind of support or contact is there between contractors?

    We have several mediums for our clinicians to provide and exchange information with each other, including a Google Documents library, our quarterly newsletter, in-service CEU training days, a consultation network, and holiday gathering.
  2. Do you ever serve special populations such as early intervention students or children who are deaf and hard of hearing?

    Yes, we do. Oftentimes we can find you an opportunity to work with your dream students!
  3. Do you work with retirees?

    Yes. Based on STRS requirements, we can contract and place you in a school setting following specific rules. Contracting for limited hours is a great way to maintain skills and earn additional income while setting your own pace. Retirees often choose to fill maternity leaves and keep the rest of the year open to travel.
  4. When do school districts and nonpublic schools contract with Pacific Coast Speech Services?

    PCSS contractors primarily handle caseload expansions or position vacancies, but we also provide support to schools for maternity/disability leaves, evaluation assistance, and individual student at home programs. The majority of contracts are for an entire school year, or for the remaining portion of a school year, unless a clinician requests a shorter term assignment. We begin offering contracts in May or June for the following school year, and usually continue to place clinicians until the end of September. We also place additional clinicians after the beginning of the school year, when school opportunities and available clinicians arise, most often in January.
  5. Are there contracts available in the summer?

    We do have these opportunities arise; however, most schools are closed in the summer. If you are interested in summer opportunities, you are welcome to contact us.
  6. Will I be trained on specific district procedures and paperwork?

    Yes, either by one of our clinicians, the district staff, or both. We also provide tips sheets for working within specific districts, and have a collection of forms, tips, and materials on our Google Documents library.
  7. Am I responsible for attending school meetings and district SLP meetings?

    You are responsible for determining, with principal and administrator help, which meetings are essential for you to attend to effectively service the students on your caseload. Clinicians typically attend their students’ IEPS, as well as school site meetings that are essential to daily practice. PCSS charges for any meetings our therapists are requested to attend, so we work together with district administrators to avoid nonessential meetings. It has been our experience that principals and other staff are very helpful in keeping costs down by relaying essential information from non-critical meetings.
  8. Do you provide supplies and testing materials?

    Testing and therapy materials are typically available at the school site or the district office. Most of our clinicians supplement these materials with items they have collected, and districts often ask us for assistance in purchasing new materials for their sites. In addition, clinicians often share materials with one another.
  9. What does a typical contractor earn?

    Compensation is based on years of experience, references, and need for supervision. We quote on an hourly basis, with a specific number of hours per day multiplied by the number of school days to be worked. Send us a resume and we will be happy to contact you with a salary range.
  10. Do you do hospital or rehab contracts? Do you have a private clinic?

    No. Contracts are completed in school settings, although we do occasionally contract for in-home speech and language services through Individual Service Agreements.
  11. What is a nonpublic agency?

    A nonpublic agency (NPA) is a designation made by the special education division of the California Department of Education. It assures contracting districts that we have met strict criterion for stability and appropriate practice.
  12. What happens if I accept a contract and the caseload is too high or there is another issue?

    Every year we get better at asking probing questions to determine whether a potential caseload meets our standards. If you accept a contract, begin work, and discover an issue, we provide additional support and brainstorm together to create solutions. If the situation remains untenable after we have done our best, we give the district 30 days’ notice to terminate the contract.
  13. What if Pacific Coast Speech Services isn't a good fit or I don't like my site?

    We review possible placements with you, involving you in choosing a site. If issues arise, we quickly intervene to solve them. We never pressure our clinicians to accept assignments or transfer them to a new assignment. Our clinicians are uniformly fantastic, and we appreciate them.
  14. Can assignments that have been made be switched?

    We expect contractors to complete contracts unless unusual circumstances arise. We have had few requests for adjustments in assignments over the years. If there is a problem, we work closely with district administrators to correct the issue. We find that administrators are very helpful in this regard. It is in their best interest that the caseload runs smoothly and that our contracting staff be comfortable with an assignment.
  15. I am frustrated in my current job, and really want to go into private practice. However, I am worried about finances. Can you help me?

    Yes. Contracting is a great way to assure a steady stream of income while you build your practice. One of our contractors resigned from a staff position in spring. She spent the spring and summer developing and initiating a private practice. By August, she knew how much time she would like to work for PCSS to supplement her practice. Each August thereafter, she has adjusted her hours upward or downward based on her goals for the year.
  16. Am I under obligation to accept a contract if I apply with Pacific Coast Speech Services?

    No, you are free to explore other opportunities. However, it is tricky if you apply directly with a school district and also are offered a position with them through us. This does not happen often, but when we call to offer you contracts we typically start by asking if you have applied directly to other schools or districts in our marketing area.
  17. What if I am not ready to make a decision?

    If you are not ready to make a change, that's all right, we understand that everyone's life circumstances change over time, and encourage you to check back with us when you are ready!



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