Louise Valente and Annette Crotty established Pacific Coast Speech Services, Inc. (PCSS) in 1987 with a focus on effective language use for students with emotional issues.

As the company grew, they realized that many excellent speech pathologists had stopped practicing due to personal and professional responsibilities. At the same time, Annette and Louise noticed that school districts and private schools were scrambling to keep up with caseload variability, maternity and disability leaves, and vacant positions.

To meet the needs of both groups, PCSS offered SLPs the unique ability to set their own hours and meet their outside needs, while continuing to practice professionally as speech pathologists. By matching skilled professionals to position vacancies, schools’ compliance and student progress improved.

A continued enthusiasm for their profession led Annette and Louise to build an impressive Clinical Fellowship training program. PCSS provides these clinicians with excellent on-site supervision, mentoring by the company directors and supervisors, and continuing education opportunities.

Annette and Louise are dedicated to attracting and retaining excellent SLPs to support local schools. PCSS appreciates the skills and creativity of its group of clinicians, and supports them fully as they provide the best possible services to their students.

 Annette Crotty
Owner, Director of Finance

Louise Valente
Owner, Director of Staffing


Pacific Coast Speech Services will provide high-quality, cost-effective services within school settings. PCSS maintains a practice where well-informed SLPs can serve local students while honoring their outside personal commitments.

Both management team members and speech pathologists will maintain high ethical standards with innovation and professionalism.

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